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Your Feet Matter

The state of our feet affects all that we do. From everyday movements to workouts, recreation, or just getting from place to place, the health of your feet can directly impact your overall wellbeing and quality of life.At Advanced Family & Sports Podiatry, we are dedicated to assisting you and your foot health at every stage. We offer empathetic, patient-centred care alongside cutting-edge technology and treatment methods to deliver high-quality podiatric services to our patients in Milpara and nearby areas.

Advanced Family & Sports Podiatry

Comprehensive Podiatry Services

We see you as a person, not just a condition. Our podiatrists are committed to crafting a customised treatment plan designed with the goal of relieving pain, enhancing performance, and enabling you to take an active role in your health and recovery. 


We offer care for a range of conditions of the feet and lower limbs, working with both adults and children of all ages and lifestyles.

General Foot Care

Our general foot care services aim to support you in managing and maintaining the overall health of your feet. From ingrown toenails and corns to calluses, wart removal, and fungal nail infections, our podiatrists are dedicated to keeping your feet healthy and happy.

Sports Performance and Injury Management

Leading an active lifestyle brings essential benefits to your overall health. Our podiatrists assist people of all activity levels, helping with injury management and rehabilitation using advanced equipment. Our support goes further – we also work to boost your athletic performance with focused strength and conditioning coaching and technique analysis tools.

Heel Pain Treatment

Heel pain is a prevalent condition that affects the feet and can greatly impact your daily activities. We provide treatment for various conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bursitis, stress fractures, arthritis, nerve pain, and Sever's disease, using a broad array of techniques and treatment options.

Lower Limb Pain

Podiatry isn’t just focused on your feet! Our team also offer care for conditions affecting the lower limbs including Achilles tendon pain, ankle pain and knee pain. We assess the cause of your discomfort, looking at potential factors such as biomechanical issues, muscular imbalance, acute injury and chronic conditions to develop a treatment plan aimed at addressing any underlying issues.

Custom Orthotics

Advanced Family & Sports Podiatry offers onsite scanning and 3D printing for custom orthotics, tailored to your specific needs. Our carefully crafted orthotics can be used to treat a range of conditions, providing support and alignment and enhancing the function of your feet.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes-related complications can impact your foot health, increasing the risk of injuries and infections. Podiatric care is crucial for a diabetes management plan, aimed at minimising the risk of serious foot issues and managing overall foot health through preventive measures, education, and personalised care.

Advanced Family & Sports Podiatry

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Advanced Family & Sports Podiatry

Better Together

Our core philosophy is to help you get better, together. We aim to offer superior care with a commitment to continual improvement and customer-focused treatment options. 

Our podiatry clinic integrates cutting-edge podiatry technologies with a warm and devoted team that focuses on your unique health needs in every aspect of our care. 

Tailored Treatment Plans

We know that no two people are alike, so a standard treatment plan won’t work for everyone. We pay attention to your concerns, goals, and needs to design a plan that suits you best.

Goal Focused

Goal FocusedWe don't just check off boxes. Our commitment is to your health, management, and recovery, with a clear and focused treatment plan that keeps you actively engaged at every step.

Outcome Driven

Using our cutting-edge technology and purpose-built facilities, we aim to keep your progress on course and help you attain the best possible results for your health.

Advanced Family & Sports Podiatry

Common Questions

To maximise the benefits of your first appointment, please bring 2-3 pairs of your most commonly worn shoes, any current orthotics, braces, or other equipment you use. Wearing clothing that allows easy access to your feet and lower limbs and is comfortable for movement is ideal. Noting any symptoms, discomfort, and factors impacting these can also help us in our diagnosis and treatment plan. 

A referral is not necessary to book with our podiatrists. However, for those using an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan, a referral is needed to claim under Medicare. Some private health insurance claims might also benefit from a referral for particular conditionsit’s best to consult your GP or provider if you are unsure. 

In many instances, private health insurance covers podiatry, but the specifics depend on your policy and provider. We recommend checking with your insurance provider before booking to ensure there are no unexpected costs. 

At your first appointment, your podiatrist will take the time to understand your concerns, medical history, and treatment objectives. We’ll then conduct a thorough examination of your feet and lower limbs, often including gait analysis and focusing on specific areas of concern. After the examination, we’ll discuss our findings and the next steps. 


Persistent or worsening pain, skin or nail problems, injuries that are slow to heal, or general foot issues affecting your daily life and overall health are signs you should see a podiatrist. Starting treatment early usually means more options are available, so it’s best to seek professional help if you have any concerns. 

Advanced Family & Sports Podiatry

Introducing Your Support Team

Our team are friendly, skilled and qualified and we are ready to help you with your podiatry requirements.

Advanced Family & Sports Podiatry

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At Advanced Family & Sports Podiatry, we focus solely on your health goals and needs. We deliver up-to-date and professional podiatry care to the Milpara community. 

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