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Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics are special shoe inserts designed to help people with foot problems.

These problems can include pain, discomfort, or issues with walking and standing. Orthotics are made based on the unique shape and needs of a person′s foot.

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Here′s how they work:

Personalised Fit

Unlike regular shoe inserts that you can buy off the shelf, custom orthotics are made specifically for your feet. A healthcare professional, like a podiatrist or orthopedic specialist, will examine your feet and take measurements to create orthotics that fit you perfectly.

Support and Alignment

The main goal of orthotics is to provide extra support and help align your feet in the correct position. They can correct issues like flat feet or high arches, which can lead to pain and problems in your feet, ankles, knees, and even your back.

Pain Relief

By offering better support and alignment, custom foot orthotics can help relieve pain in your feet and lower limbs. They can reduce discomfort caused by conditions like plantar fasciitis, bunions, and various other foot problems.

Improving Function

Orthotics can also improve how your feet work when you walk or run. They can redistribute pressure across your feet more evenly, which can reduce strain on certain areas and make it easier for you to move around.

Different Types

There are various types of custom foot orthotics, depending on your needs. Some are more rigid for serious foot issues, while others are softer and more cushioned for extra comfort.

Fitting Process

To get custom orthotics, you typically need to visit a healthcare professional. They will examine your feet, discuss your symptoms and lifestyle, and then take molds or scans of your feet to create the orthotics that suit you best.

Remember, custom foot orthotics are tailored to your specific needs, so they can be really effective in providing relief and improving your overall foot health. If you′re experiencing foot pain or discomfort, it′s a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional to see if custom orthotics could be beneficial for you.

Advanced Family & Sports Podiatry

Custom foot orthotics can be used to address a variety of foot and lower limb conditions.

Here are some common conditions for which foot orthotics may be recommended by our podiatrists:

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Flat Feet or Overpronation

Flat feet occur when the arch of the foot collapses or doesn't develop properly. Overpronation is excessive inward rolling of the foot during walking or running. Orthotics can provide support to the arch and help correct the alignment of the foot.

Supination Albany

High Arches or Supination

High arches can lead to poor shock absorption and increased pressure on certain areas of the foot. Orthotics can help distribute pressure more evenly and provide cushioning.

plantar fasciitis Albany

Plantar Fasciitis

This is a condition where the tissue along the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed and causes heel pain. Orthotics can help provide arch support and reduce strain on the plantar fascia.

Achilles tendonitis Albany

Achilles Tendonitis

This involves inflammation of the Achilles tendon, which connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. Orthotics can help reduce strain on the Achilles tendon and provide cushioning.

Bunion Albany


Bunions are bony bumps that form at the base of the big toe. Orthotics can help alleviate pressure on the bunion and improve joint function.

Mortons Neuroma Albany

Morton's Neuroma

This is a painful condition involving thickening of tissue around a nerve between the toes. Orthotics can help relieve pressure on the affected area.

shin splints Albany

Shin Splints

This term refers to pain along the shinbone (tibia) often caused by overuse. Orthotics can provide shock absorption and cushioning to reduce stress on the shinbone.

Knee pain Albany

Knee Pain

Foot misalignment can sometimes contribute to knee pain. Orthotics can help improve foot alignment and reduce strain on the knees.

Lower Back Pain Albany

Lower Back Pain

Issues with foot alignment can also impact on the lower back. Orthotics may help improve posture and reduce lower back pain.

Diabetic footcare Albany

Diabetic Foot Issues

People with diabetes may develop foot problems due to poor circulation and nerve damage. Orthotics can provide support and cushioning to prevent issues such as ulcers and pressure sores.

arthritis treatment Albany


Orthotics can help provide support and alleviate pain for people with arthritis in the feet and ankles.

Sports Injuries Albany

Sports Injuries

Athletes often use orthotics to prevent and manage injuries caused by repetitive movements and impact during sports.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of orthotics depends on the individual’s specific condition, the design of the orthotics, and how well they are fitted and used. If you’re experiencing foot or lower limb pain, it’s recommended to consult our podiatrists to determine if custom foot orthotics could be beneficial for your situation.

Advanced Family & Sports Podiatry

Our Process

Advanced Family & Sports Podiatry use 3D printing technology onsite to create your custom foot orthotics. The process involves using a 3D printer from Switzerland to fabricate the orthotics based on a digital scan or model of your feet. Here′s how it works:
Foot Scanning

To create the custom orthotics, the patient′s feet are scanned using specialised equipment. This scan creates a 3D digital model of the feet, capturing all the unique contours and dimensions.

Designing the Orthotics

Your podiatrist uses specialised software to design the orthotics based on the 3D foot model. They can customise the shape, thickness, and materials of the orthotics to suit the patient′s specific needs.

3D Printing

Once the design is ready, the 3D printer takes over. It uses the digital model as a guide and builds the orthotics layer by layer (0.1mm), usually from a variety of materials suitable for orthotic use, such as flexible plastics or other supportive materials.

Finishing Touches

After the 3D printing is complete, the orthotics may require some additional finishing touches to ensure a perfect fit and comfort. These may include smoothing the surfaces or adding cushioning.

Advanced Family & Sports Podiatry

3D Printing for Custom Foot Orthotics

The use of 3D printing for custom foot orthotics offers several advantages:
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3D printing allows for high precision, ensuring that the orthotics fit the patient′s feet perfectly based on the digital model.

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The design can be fully customised to address specific foot conditions or individual preferences.

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Fast Production

3D printing can speed up the production process compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

Albany orthotics

Lightweight and Durable

3D-printed orthotics can be lightweight yet durable, providing the necessary support without excessive bulk.

Albany podiatrist orthotics

Easy Replication

If the patient needs replacement orthotics in the future, the 3D model can be saved, making it easier to replicate the same design.

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